Jill O’Brien

Portfolio Categories: Fabric-Fiber and Jewelry.

Silver and Gold Cuff, vintage fabric, lace, buttons, beads

Jill O’Brien was raised in Connecticut by a very creative and industrious mother and father a fine craftsman. Jill’s family times together always involved creativity in some form whether it be sewing, painting, knitting, foraging the local forests for materials to decorate their home, cooking, or building new spaces.

O’Brien attended Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, with major studies being two-dimensional design and materials, minoring in French Literature. Her studies continued in Provence where she was exposed to new cultures and environments. O’Brien’s professional career started as a theater painter and set designer, advertising, and photography, leading to a 25-year career working as corporate communications show and event designer and producer.

Jill is currently creating wearable art that respects the past by repurposing vintage elements: fine antique fabrics, buttons, laces, findings and passementerie all dictate what she designs and makes by hand. Jill’s hope is that these new creations will resonate with people who appreciate fine craftsmanship, originality, and beauty. O’Brien’s work is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.

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