Cristina Lugo

Portfolio Categories: Decorative.

Looking for the Light, Sea glass, card stock, gel ink, MDF black frame, frame width: 3/4in. Acid free white matte, picture glass, .75 in. Matte W: 5.5 top/bottom 5.8 sides. Frame dimension is 1 inch

Cristina Lugo relocated to CT after hurricane María hit her home island of Puerto Rico. She brought with her the love for the sea and her large sea glass collection and started making scenes with it that reminded her of her home. Since then, she has been roaming through the beaches of Westbrook collecting more sea glass and getting inspired by her new surroundings in Westbrook. She has become part of the community working by day with special education preschoolers at their elementary school but keeping to her roots as she teaches Afro Puerto Rican drumming and dancing. In her spare time, with the help of her husband and 8 year old daughter, she hunts for special pieces of sea glass that help her express her creativity. Christina’s work is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.

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