Cathy and Eric Phinney

Portfolio Categories: Decorative.

Hippy Dippy Nag Champa Soap, olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, caster oil, fragrance and micas 4ozs

Our names are Cathy and Eric Phinney and we own Silk Milk Soapery LLC. We started soaping as a hobby 3 years ago and have transformed into what we are today, a company making specialty soaps containing Tussah silk and a variety of milks in the majority of our bars.

We began crafting 8 years ago making a variety of other products. We feel we have found our niche in creating unique soaps. I really enjoy the “mad scientist” aspect of making soap from scratch. I’ve learned how to make soap watching countless Youtube videos, reading books and trial and error. It’s an art, a science and an all-consuming hobby.

Soap making affords endless combinations of ingredients, color coordination, fragrances and artistic styling. All these factors keep us in love with our avocation and ensure every customer will be buying a product that is unique to them.

Cathy and Eric Phinney’s unique soaps can be found at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.

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