2024 Gallery and Festival Schedule

Life in the City ……6 week show

Receives Sunday, January 14th-18th

Opens Friday, January 26th

Closes, Saturday, March 9th

Installation:  January 20th– 21th

Many say cities are too noisy and crowded.  Yes, this is one take on a city environment, but they are also rich in culture, diversity and activities for all ages.  Many also have stunning prewar and modern architecture, bustling waterfronts and the greenery of famous parks.  Spectrum wants to see all aspects of city life……the good, bad and the beautiful.  We are looking for images in all mediums including photography and sculpture.

Reaching for the Sky…..the Early Spring Show…..7 weeks

Receives Sunday, March 10th– 14th

Opens Friday, March 22nd

Closes Saturday, May 11th

Installation:  March 16th– 17th

The sky is important in many cultures to tell time, the coming of the seasons, to navigate and to predict the weather.  It has spawned myths, legends and spiritual beliefs.  The Gallery is looking for pieces in all mediums that feature images of stars, the moon, planets, clouds, storms etc. 

Essex Town Green Summer Arts Festival
We seek fine artists and artisans for the Essex Town Green Summer Arts Festival on Saturday, June 15th and Sunday, June 16th. Download Prospectus Here

Everything Grows…..the early Summer show….7 weeks

Receives, Sunday, May 12th-16th

Opens Friday, Friday May 24th

Closes Saturday, July 13th

Installation:  May 18th-19th

Yes, this is the season to plant and nurture young plants and hug trees, but we all grow.  Adults become older, babies become toddlers, and preschoolers, and buildings get built or demolished.  Objects, people and nature all change and grow.  Spectrum is looking for images in all mediums that spotlight these changes. 

Play, Pastimes & Recreation…….the Summer show……7 weeks

Receives, Sunday, July 14th– 18th

Opens Friday, July 26th

Closes Saturday, September 14th

Installation:  July 20th– 21th

It’s the height of the Summer and a time of fun, travel, barbeques, family gatherings, hikes, swimming and sitting on the porch with a lemonade enjoying all nature has to offer.  Gallery is looking for images in all mediums that feature the highlights of the season.  Let’s turn the Gallery into a Summer playground!

Madison Town Green Arts Festival
We invite fine artists and artisans to join the Madison Town Green Autumn Arts Festival on Saturday, October 12th and Sunday, October 13th (rain date Monday, October 14th). Download Prospectus Here

Abundant Autumn……the Fall show…..6 week show

Receives Sunday, September 15th– 19th

Opens Friday, September 27th C

Closes Saturday, November 9th

Installation:  September 21th– 22th

This is the season of harvest, change and preparing for the coming colder weather.  Although leaves fall off trees leaving them bare and plants go dormant or die off, these changes allow nature to build up energy for the coming Spring.  Gallery is looking for images in all mediums that will turn the gallery into a fall harvest and highlight these changes in nature.  

The Holiday Show…..TBA….7 week show

Receives Sunday, November 10th-14th

Opens Friday, November 22nd

Closes Saturday, January 11th

Artisans showing in the gallery store do not have to follow the theme in the gallery, but instead should think seasonally including handmade ornaments for our 6 foot tree as well as holiday home décor items. This is also the season of gift giving so in addition to holiday items consider creating pieces that can be given as special gifts during the various celebrations of the season.  Remember the gallery store carries clothing & accessories for both children and adults; toys, children’s books, pottery and ceramics, woodworking items, glass home decor pieces both stained and fused, cards and stationery, jewelry, etc.