Marsha Borden

Portfolio Categories: Fabric-Fiber.

Pink Cloud Knit Hat

Marsha Borden is an artist who works primarily in mixed media and fiber. She uses abundant, easily available materials and asks her viewers to consider the ideas of waste, excess, consumerism, function, and beauty. In her work, she exploits the properties of the common supermarket plastic bag by cutting, twisting, weaving, fastening, looping and sculpting it. In doing so, she invites others to appreciate – and perhaps condemn – the color, texture, design, versatility, longevity, and strength of the plastic bag.

Marsha’s work has been showcased in various galleries and art centers throughout Southern Connecticut, including Spectrum Gallery, Guilford Art Center, Kehler Liddell Gallery, Ely Center for Contemporary Art, and Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven. She works from her home studio in Guilford, Connecticut.

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