Mary Anne Sherman

Portfolio Categories: Jewelry.

Dancer dark Red Pendant, 18 in. Argentium silver and silver plated permanently colored copper wire,  Argentium lobster clasp

Mary Anne Sherman has been creating jewelry since 1989, starting with earrings made from seashells. She soon began taking metalsmithing classes at Rhode Island School of Design and Brookfield Craft Center to create more permanent and intricate pieces.  In 1996, she founded her business, Mary Anne Sherman Jewelry Designs. She teaches jewelry classes and has sold jewelry at galleries throughout the United States.

She now works in Argentium Silver which has a higher silver content than regular sterling and is much more tarnish resistant. Much of her work explores the equilibrium of chaos and order in nature, especially the ocean.

In addition to her jewelry, she works at creating communities of artists, artisans, and the public. She is a former president of the Artists’ Cooperative Gallery in Westerly.

Sherman’s Jewelry is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.


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