Catherine Stebinger

Portfolio Categories: Fabric-Fiber.

Wine and Gold Scarf, wool and silk


Creating with her hands has long been part of Catherine Stebinger’s life as a pastry chef. Now retired from the kitchen, that need for tactile expression has been translated into fiber.

Catherine layers, rolls, kneads, and dyes various types of wool, silks, and vegetable fibers to create pieces that range from soft shimmery vests and scarves to firm, taut vessels, wall hangings, and sculptures. Just as simple ingredients such as eggs, sugar, and flour can create airy mousses or crispy bread sticks, so can the various fibers be combined and manipulated in infinitely diverse modes to produce stunning pieces of art.

Catherine began her fiber studies with international fiber artists Katia Mokeyeva, Natalya Brashovetskaya, Lisa Klakulak, Renate Maille-Moskowitz, and Lena Archbold. Her sculptures, wall hangings, and wearable art have exhibited and sold at The Hygienic, Maple and Main Gallery, and Wesleyan Potters.

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