Jackie Koromhas

Portfolio Categories: Jewelry.

Glistening Water, fused glass, 1 1/4in h x 1in w

My name is Jacklyn Koromhas and I grew up and lived in NJ until 2011 when I moved to Connecticut. I graduated college in 2006 with a major in music and business management. I found a love for making jewelry when I was very young but I found a passion for fused glass jewelry after I attended a blues festival a few years ago and became fascinated in the art, beauty and process of creating fused glass jewelry. I bought a kiln and the glass cutting tools to start. I took classes in fused glass at the Arts Center Killingworth and participated in their Autumn Arts Festival in 2013.

I’ve been making jewelry and other various glass creations such melted wine bottles and decorative center pieces, glass bowls and ornaments. I currently work full-time as a licensed insurance producer and part time gardener. I’m striving to make jewelry as a full time way to make a living. Being creative and working with different colors of glass to make something beautiful for someone to enjoy, besides of being a stress relief, makes me happy making people happy which is my ultimate goal.

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