Hannah Leckman

Portfolio Categories: Decorative.

Big Bowl of Cherries

Hannah works primarily on the wheel, although she enjoys some hand building and sculptural detail on pottery as well. Her work tends to be functional, because she wants the objects to be useful as well as beautiful. Hannah designs plates and bowls, vases and candlesticks, casseroles and goblets.

Hannah became a potter in December, 2000, as an adult. She liked pottery as a hobby or a pastime, but for her daughter’s wedding, Hannah decided to make for every guest a vessel to hold a hyacinth. Hannah made well over 200. Not because there were 200 guests, but because there were so many pots that she felt were inadequate for the occasion. Around number 150 Hannah began to feel as if she really had control of what she was doing, that she had finally developed the skill or the expertise to call herself, proudly, a potter.

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