Hannah Leckman

Portfolio Categories: Pottery.

I became a potter in December, 2000, after I had already turned 50 years old. I had always loved to make things: clothes, bread, Christmas ornaments. As a young mother and a teacher of French and Latin to middle school students, I only had time enough to take evening or summer classes in pottery at the Creative Arts Workshop. I used to say, “I do pottery,” like a hobby or a pastime. For my daughterʼs wedding, however, in December, 2000, I decided to make for every guest a vessel to hold a hyacinth which would grow and bloom and remind its owner of my daughter and of the coming spring. I made well over 200. Not because there were 200 guests, but because there were so many pots that I felt were inadequate for the occasion. Around number 150 I began to feel as if I really had control of what I was doing, that I had developed the skill or the expertise to call myself, proudly, a potter.

I work primarily on the wheel, although I enjoy some handbuilding and sculptural detail on pottery as well. My work tends to be functional, because I want my objects to be useful as well as beautiful. I make plates and bowls, vases and candlesticks, casseroles and goblets. I now have my own business, Hannah Pottery LLC, and, because I rent studio space at Erector Square, I participate every year in the City Wide Open Studio program of New Haven. I have twice participated in the “Off the Wall” fundraiser for the Arts Council.

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