Susan Gerr

Portfolio Categories: Pottery and Servingware.

Posie Pot, high fire stoneware, watertight, Food, microwave, oven, dishwasher safe

Since 1985, potter Susan Gerr has owned and operated Birch Mountain Pottery, a combined studio and craft showroom in Tolland, CT. Birch Mountain Pottery has presented the community with the opportunity to catch a glimpse into a working pottery studio.

Gerr says:

“My work in clay has been a gradual exploration and unfolding of various feelings, concepts and discoveries  that find their way into my work. Strong experiences, places, patterns, intangible feelings and a love for the natural world power my search for forms, textures, and colors reflected in my work. Intangible feelings plus a love for the natural world, power my search for pots that combine contrasting elements into strong, harmonious artifacts. I also continue to produce a line of functional work intended for daily use and enjoyment. Pieces range from mugs, bowls and pitchers to larger decorative jars, lamps and platters. These stoneware pieces are primarily wheelthrown, sometimes textured and stamped and then glazed in bright, soft overlapping glazes”

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