Caroline Yankura

Portfolio Categories: Pottery.

Fizz Coral Cups Set, stoneware


Caroline Yankura was born in New Haven Connecticut, but resided in Portland Maine for eight and a half years, after receiving her BFA in Ceramics in 2013, from Maine College of Art. Caroline has worked as a teacher in her field for ages 5-17, as well as also been recognized in a show at Art Space New Haven gallery in a small exhibition showing “sea and insect” studies. Caroline has since participated in a thesis exhibition in April of 2013, displaying her BFA work, constructed multiple ceramics series, (Flora Memorium 2013/14: in memory of flowers, Deficiens Pulchritudo: Decaying Beauty2019/20) and now “Briny Froth” 2020. Yankura is working in a studio space with local Branford Connecticut artist, Sharon Hosley. Caroline’s work is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.

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