Edith Deeg

Portfolio Categories: Glass.

Celery Stalk Plate

Edith was born in Germany during WWII. Towards the end of the war, the apartment building where she lived was bombed out. Her mother was forced to leave Germany with her two children, running across the border to Switzerland on foot. In those years, Edith cherished the few belongings they owned. She and her fiancé married back in Germany, but they decided to immigrate to the United States permanently. Edith put her self-taught design talent to work, designing homes, gardens, and always interior decorating.

She took a distance learning class from the Art Institute in Manhattan when her children were grown and cultivated her artistic passion by experimenting with different mediums. In 2011, she found her passion in glass. Edith is now in her late70’s and enjoys creating new designs and sharing her creations with others. She spends summers with her daughter’s family in CT and winters in northern FL.

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