Samantha Barlow Beamer

Portfolio Categories: Festival Artists.

anastasia ear cuff quartz and amethyst; anastasia ear cuff quartz and amethyst; toad hall fairy house moss bark dried flowers

Samantha spent her life Exploring rocky beaches and daydreaming in the lush forests of New England. A family trip to Monhegan Island in Maine sparked her love of Fairy Houses. Samantha forages for bark, leaves and shells in Connecticut, Vermont and Maine to use for building her sculptures.  Samantha later added jewelry and beaded accessories to her portfolio utilizing an assortment of freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones.

Samantha originally studied performing arts as a vocalist, actress and dancer in Hartford and later shifted her focus to marketing and business at the University of Phoenix online. She combined her interests and catapulted herself into New York City after competing on American Idol in 2011. For nearly ten years Samantha used her creative thinking and fearless approach, while working with executives in the Fortune 500 working as a Consultant for a UK Based company with an office in New York City. Samantha focused on growing small business by introducing them to her clients which included leaders from IBM, Amazon, Converse, Citi, Google and Ipsos.  After developing and launching software for a consulting firm in Iowa, she moved back home where she met her now husband who acknowledged her lofty dreams of creative expression through art.  Since 2020 Samantha has tinkered her way through the early days of homeownership and motherhood with her bark, leaves and shells in tow. The “Falling for Fall” exhibition at Spectrum Gallery is Samantha’s premier into the Art Community.

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