Pauline Clifford

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Purple Swarovski Cuff


I am not an artist by vocation or profession. I am an educator, currently focused on technology infusion in the classroom. I serve as Director of Educational Technology at Quinebaug Valley Community College. In an adjunct capacity, I also teach English. I delved into the world of jewelry making at the prompting of friends.

Although I started with basic bead stringing and wire wrapping, I’ve moved on to bead embroidery that incorporates Soutache braid and Shibori silk. I make jewelry that I like to wear myself. I favor bold statement pieces. Color and sparkle appeal to me but so do graduating colors in the same area of the color spectrum. I seem to start a piece with a general idea of what I’d like to produce in terms of placement and color. I’m not comfortable tethered to a rigid pattern; I like to see where the beads and cord and wire take me.

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in East Asian Language and Literature, a Master’s degree in Language and Literacy, and a Ph.D. in Educational Technology.