Marcia Kindlmann

Portfolio Categories: Pottery.

Marcia Kindleman has been making pottery for about 35 years, in stoneware and porcelain. Marcia makes each piece by hand on the potter’s wheel, making individual pieces related in shape as a family. Kindleman’s fascination with glazes led her to years of experimenting, making her glazes from scratch.

She created a series of colors in subtle shades of blue and ice-green, and another series in colonial reds, with freehand brushwork designs. No two pieces are alike.

Marcia learned pottery-making at Wesleyan Potters. Her inspiration is the functional and hearty forms in country pottery of Britain and early America. For the past several years Kindleman exhibited in the nationwide juried/invitational Celebration of American Crafts at Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven as well as at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, CT.

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