Patti Maher

Portfolio Categories: Note Cards.

As an artist, Patti Maher is interested in simple, elegant lines…in shadows and negative space.  She works in pencil, pen & ink, watercolor, and sometimes combines these media.  Maher’s work is very quiet in nature, taking the subject matter down to its core substance.  Her work is intended to provoke deep thought and a feeling of peace.

Maher was born and raised in West Texas.  She studied English and Art at Principia College.  After marriage, she lived in Illinois, Nebraska, California, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts.  She now resides in Connecticut and finds New England to be the most naturally beautiful place that she has ever lived.

Maher has worked at various jobs including bank teller, instructional aide, cabinet-maker’s apprentice, and piano teacher.  She’s met people from all walks of life and seeks to find the thread that connects them all.  Her work expresses her experiences, including her love of music, children, and nature. Maher’s work is currently available at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.

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