Paola Evangelista

Portfolio Categories: Pottery.

Pit-Fired Bottle Vase, stoneware, pit-fired, Iron oxide, porous, not water resistant, 9in h x 4 1/4in w x 4 1/4in d

Paola Evangelista is, first and foremost, a tactile creature as visual and tactile texture plays an important role in her work, whether in ceramics, photography, dressmaking, or other mediums. Color and alternative methods like the raku, and pit fired techniques in ceramics are also key elements. Evangelista studied fashion design at Drexel University before receiving her Bachelor of Arts from Central Connecticut State University. She focused her studio arts studies on ceramics with Vicente Garcia. Currently, Evangelista works in the CCSU art gallery as an assistant and she is Director of Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts.

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