Jessica Dickens

Portfolio Categories: Decorative and Jewelry.

Ocean Inspired Clay Necklace set, polymer clay, colored glitter, wire crochet accent; Blue & Gray Heart Pendant, wire crochet, beads

Being the daughter of a mother who paints, knits, crochets and even writes calligraphy, Jessica believed the creative gene skipped her. As a child, she excelled at stick figures, hearts and butterflies. Although she graduated from college with a B.A. in English she never really found her calling. It was not until she fixed a broken necklace with fishing wire and started going to bead shops, she not only discovered jewelry making, but she also discovered the artist she was meant to be. Almost by accident, jewelry making gave her a creative outlet to express herself and she found something that she loved to do.

After giving away her first creations and eventually selling her designs to co-workers and friends, she focused on making her hobby that she loved into a business so that she can share her creativity with others and live self-sufficiently from what she loved to do. Over a short period of time and with lots of encouragement, she started Jessica Designs in 2002.

Part of my passion for making jewelry comes from my desire to live self-sufficiently through my creative endeavors. Over the years, I have accomplished this by connecting the public with my jewelry in various and meaningful ways. This includes participating in fashion shows, arts and craft fairs, jazz festivals and in-home shows. I have also hosted jewelry making parties for little girl’s birthday parties or for a girl’s night in for women. Over the years, I have donated jewelry for various fundraising charities through silent auctions and also giving a percent of my sales to various organizations.  In addition to the latter, I have worked closely with several customers to create custom pieces and they have challenged me in many ways and helped expand my designs. It’s nice to say that several of the customers have become my friends.

In speaking specifically about her jewelry, “I create jewelry by marrying colors and textures that seem an unlikely pair to create eclectic designs that captures attention. I’d like to think my jewelry speaks to the unique beauty we all possess. Each piece becomes an extension of the person wearing one of my designs. I don’t really follow trends, I let each piece design itself that keeps my creativity and unique designs flowing. Currently I am having a love affair with wire crochet jewelry. I just love the beauty and rich textures it creates. Some of my designs are more wearable pieces of art! Another facet of my business that I love is working collaboratively with my clients to create custom pieces for weddings, formal events, to match an outfit or just because. Jewelry can bring people joy and make them feel beautiful I have seen it and that is what I hope to continue to do through my jewelry…bring people beauty and joy!”

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