Mallorey Caron

Portfolio Categories: Fabric-Fiber and Fashion.

Gardenscape Hi-Low Top, silk with garden flower dyes, shorter in front and longer in back, small to medium

Massachusetts based artist, Mallorey Caron, found her inspiration in her grandmother’s garden. Each botanical print is a homage to the carefully tended and lush blooms she grew up surrounded by.
Since graduating from the Art Institute of Boston in 2015 with a Bachelors in Fine Arts, she was in search of a printmaking technique that didn’t require use of a professional studio. Experiments with wood block printing lead to linoleum. She hand prints using environmentally friendly inks which require no chemicals during the process. She grows the majority of her dye materials in her garden or goes foraging in the woods of the Berkshires. However, there are a selection of traditional natural dyes such as madder root, which she sources from sustainable suppliers.

Mallorey has exhibited work in multiple group exhibitions in Cambridge, MA, and in markets throughout Connecticut, such as the CT Flower and Garden Show, New York and Massachusetts. Mallorey’s work is currently exhibited at Spectrum gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut. Her line of stationery can be found at the Boston Symphony Hall Gift Shop.

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