Lisa Medoff

Portfolio Categories: Jewelry.

Small Mosaic Earrings, golden carnelian

Lisa Medoff has been making jewelry for over 30 years. She originates from Brooklyn where she received a BA in Cultural Anthropology. The relationship between art and culture has always been an inspiration in her work. She began her jewelry studies at the Craft Students League in New York City. Lisa has studied under Lisa Spiros whose work can be seen in galleries and museums across the globe.

Medoff lives in NYC where she continues to create work and assists in running the jewelry studio at the JCC of Manhattan. Her pieces can be seen in a variety of shops and galleries throughout the US.

“My vision is to create wearable sculptures. Organic forms found in nature greatly inspire me. I am deeply influenced by my travels and the environments I have experienced. I feel fortunate that my work continues to evolve. For me, jewelry is an expression of the soul. How we choose to adorn ourselves is a reflection of who we are.” – Lisa Medoff

Medoff’s Jewelry is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.


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