Laura Lyons

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Sheep, felted wool

In 1974, I bought a piece of property on the Madison/Guilford line in CT. At about the same time I graduated from Connecticut College majoring in Studio Art with a strong interest in botany. Slowly over the years my husband and I built housing and a large barn, garage, and studio complex. We also picked up a variety of animals and started a flower farm.

I have always loved to make things. I am interested in many materials including metal, wood, fiber, glass, and ferro cement. Fourteen years ago we added sheep to our small farm, providing me with a massive amount of wool to contend with. I have learned to skirt, wash, pick, card, spin, dye, weave, and needle-felt in the intervening years. I use my own wool to create wall hangings, tapestry weavings, carpetbags, clothes, and assorted animals. I love wool. Using it makes me feel connected to ancient techniques and a very basic, low-tech way of life. It is an incredible material with limitless sculptural potential. It can be combined with other materials, including glass, wood, and copper. Using wool the way I have had the privilege to do completes my dream of maintaining my land with “living lawnmowers” as well as having a constant supply of art materials. The sheep are truly perfect inspirations. They are calm, gentle, and productive with natural tendencies that make them easy to keep.

In 2008 I started showing my art. Cilantro, a local coffee shop, presented my carpetbags to Guilford. I was encouraged by the reception. Wesleyan Potters showed my art at the 2009 through 2014 Christmas shows. The Guilford Expo accepted me in 2010 through 2013. I participated in the Christmas shows at Guilford Arts Center 2010 through 2014 and the Hartford Artist League (Out of the Loop 20011 and 2013) as well. In 2011, I participated in Crafts at Rhinebeck for their June show. I have been on The Shoreline Arts Trail since 2011. To date, I have participated in over twenty-two juried shows.

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