Christine Miller

Portfolio Categories: Decorative, Fabric-Fiber, Fashion, and Servingware.

Colorful Poppies Wine Glass, Set of 4 glasses, 4.5 inches H x 3 inches W, 12 oz. Handwash


Christine is a continually evolving self-taught artist whose work exudes bold bursts of color, vivid textural elements and splashed of simple brush strokes. Her paintings have been representational, slowly morphing into free, abstract touches of nature. She credits this inspirational transformation to her children’s boundless, inventive energies.

Christine has been creating art since childhood with vibrant imagination and strong connection with nature. She has nurtured her creative interests by graduating high school with an art endorsement, taking studio art classes at Wheaton College while majoring in psychology and elementary education, incorporating elements of art as a history teacher, creating art projects for her children, and always exploring a variety of mediums.

She enjoys painting landscapes, abstract florals, working with mix mediums and sculpting. Christine resides in Killingworth, CT with her husband and their five children. Many of her pieces are in private collections and showing in galleries in and around the shoreline. Miller’s work is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.

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