Bill Waldron

Portfolio Categories: Decorative.

Walnut Serving Tray with Cheese Tools, wood

“In these noisy times we need quiet objects in our lives. To this end, I prefer to make pieces that do not shout “notice me”. I also prefer to show expressed joinery details (dovetails, butterflies, tenons, dowels) in lieu of applied decoration. Final finishes are chosen with respect for the wood as well as the intended use for the piece.”

Bill Waldron has a BA and MA in Art Education from Southern Connecticut State University. Has taught fine art, ceramics, cabinetmaking, crafts, and art history to all ages from kindergarten to adults.

Bill has been involved in fabricating objects from wood for five decades. He is currently semi-retired and concentrating on building and showing custom made pieces of furniture. Bill has shown some of his furniture at Wesleyan Potters Guild, John Slade Ely House and Creative Arts Workshop.

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