Joanne Brown

Portfolio Categories: Decorative.

Sunshine And Flowers Frame

Joanne Brown (Mottsie) was born in Boston and moved to Hartford, CT in 1977 when her employer, American Airlines, relocated there. She was fortunate to meet and work with many talented people in an atmosphere that allowed her creative side to flourish. As a child, her mother, a talented artist, encouraged her to try anything that interested her which, in the ensuing years, led to a wide variety of hobbies; calligraphy, Chinese brush painting, oil and pastel painting, egg decorating, miniatures, cake decorating and sewing among others! She began making floral ornaments as gifts, using silk flowers, fabrics, trims, jewelry, beads and found metal, and was encouraged by her friends and family to set up a business to sell them. Joanne says she loves the creative process, but the best part of her business is meeting fellow artists, making new friends and having fun, and she says that Spectrum Gallery and the annual Arts Festivals are the perfect place for that.

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