Beyond Anytime: Bivenne Harvey Staiger

Portfolio Categories: Paintings.

Counting Sheep, waterecolor, 17in h x 21in w

Bivenne Harvey Staiger is known for her colorful, dramatic watercolors of natural motifs she loves, like birds, other animals and flowers, and is the recipient of many prestigious awards.Among the most recent is the Silver Medal from the American Watercolor Society’s 152nd International Exhibition(2019).She is professionally affiliated with many art groups, including but not limited to the Salmagundi Club, American Artists’ Professional League, Academic Artists Association,Connecticut Academy of Fine Artists, Connecticut Watercolor Society, and many others. Bivenne regularly gives instruction, demonstrations and workshops in watercolor, and in fact has an upcoming weekend workshop, focusing on painting flowers in watercolor, at Yale Peabody Museum in August. At least two major solo exhibitions and a few group exhibitions featuring her work, including Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut, are scheduled for the end of this year and next

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