Liam Aiken

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Liam made his stage debut in the Broadway play A Doll’s House at the age of seven, and his film debut in Henry Fool (1997). His first major film role came when he starred in Stepmom (1998). Liam has since starred in numerous films and television show.s

The inspiration for this series comes from classical architecture and natural forms. It started with a question, could I make imitation feather patterns by folding a sheet of paper. I wanted the form to be modern but also reminiscent of the calculating precision of the natural world. The original inspiration is less obvious in this current examination of the process. As I followed the paper and listened to what it liked to do it showed me that it was capable of computing an impressive number of variations. It looks sturdy and it is surprisingly resistant to deformation, more so than a sheet of unfolded paper. The angles support themselves. It is inorganic in the same tradition as classical architecture, with it’s exacting angles, yet it harkens to natural forms such as sand dunes and mountain ranges. Mankind’s earliest inspirations for abstract artwork is nature which can be seen in the pyramids and the sacred geometries from the Middle East, Europe and Asia. This work is a continuation of that tradition of trying to answer that question which all artists ask, what is possible?

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