Amanda Bartel

Portfolio Categories: Pottery.

Rain Cloud Sugar & Creamer, stoneware; Earth Bowl, Stoneware

Amanda Bartel first began her pottery career in Ithaca, NY when she asked a local artist for private lessons. Shortly after, Amanda and her housemates built their own studio in their basement where they dove headfirst into the craft. When Amanda and her husband moved out of town and started bouncing around the world (Germany, Russia, New Jersey, New York, Washington D.C., and Connecticut), Amanda was committed to finding a wheel wherever she went. She is grateful for all the studios and potters who have inspired her and helped her grow as a maker. Now Amanda sells her work in coffee shops, galleries, beauty salons, florists, local markets, and online. She is also a passionate ceramics teacher and loves to share the joy of pottery. With a background as a therapist, Amanda strives to create a rich therapeutic environment in the studio to bring wholesomeness and a centered heart as the wheel spins.

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