Sharon K. Lewis

Portfolio Categories: Decorative, Glass, and Jewelry.

Shoreline Soapdish with Shoreline soap, fused glass, soap, watertight, 4in h x 5 1/2in w.

Sharon owns her own business, AdviCoach, which allows her to work with small business owners to define what success means for them and to identify the steps to achieve it. She is an advocate for making work support lifestyle goals and would like to see all business owners find that sweet spot. Working with fused glass is one of her creative outlets that balances out the “work”. She enjoys working with glass because it’s somewhat forgiving and anything that doesn’t work just gets recycled into the next project! She is currently an exhibiting artist at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut. Sharon is active in many community organizations in the area and has been a Connecticut resident since 1995.