Samuel Carlson

Portfolio Categories: Wood.


Samuel Carlson has been woodworking as a hobby for 7 years and is now expanding into selling his artwork. He is self taught from his home garage and has spent 4 years working part time at a local cabinet shop in Connecticut. While being a hobbyist woodworker, Samuel has been attending McGill University as a Jazz concentration major in Montreal, Canada, from where he plans to graduate in Winter 2024. Much of his artwork is representative of the wildlife and scenes around the shoreline area in addition to many custom pieces by commission. Pieces include animal portrait marquetry and intarsia, and custom furniture, which have been shown at Guilford Art Center and local craft shows. Samuel is open to anything as a source of inspiration and constantly seeks to expand his horizon and knowledge in woodworking.

Carlson’s woodworking is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.

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