Ryan Lavorgna

Portfolio Categories: Ceramics.

Yonomí with Gold Luster Cup

Ryan Lavorgna has been investigating the vessel as a means of expression for over 30 years. His style is ever evolving with a current focus on hand building uniquely balanced pieces of art. From taking youth pottery classes to his first formal art schooling at Colby-Sawyer College, where he earned a BFA in StudioArt, the idea of a life in clay began to form. A Production Pottery Apprenticeship after undergrad with Maishe Dickman in New Haven, CT allowed Lavorgna the freedom to explore his own work while engaging in every step of the ceramic process.

Always wanting more information, he then earned a Post Baccalaureate certificate from Umass Dartmouth which encouraged a more technical and academically structured approach to all aspects of ceramics from glaze calculation to kiln construction. Upon completion, Lavorgna began work with Gustin Ceramics full time managing anagama firings, tile production, and studio assistance. His work has been shown at River Oaks Square in Alexandria, LA as well as the Gustin Gallery in Dartmouth, MA. He has received awards such as the prestigious Presidential Purchase Award from Colby-Sawyer College. Lavorgna currently works in his small home studio located in Higganum, CT.

Lavorgna’s pottery is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Center brook, Connecticut.

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