Rosemary McClain

Portfolio Categories: Ceramics.

Enchantment Vase, cone 10, watertight, food safe, 4in h x 7 1/2in w


Rosemary was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. During her youth she studied art at Saint Joseph’s Art Academy in Pittsburgh. That training and experience lead her to Carnegie Mellon University where she graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design.

Rosemary has had two careers, the first: As an Elementary Art Teacher in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Batavia, New York.

The second career as a Product Designer, this career path carried me through Ohio, New York State, and Connecticut. She designed faceted glass windows, soft toys, injection molded wall decor and etched mirrors.

Upon retiring her focus is ceramic sculpture and creative pottery. She finds great satisfaction and creative energy producing art through clay.

Her current galleries are:

Spectrum Art Gallery
Creative Arts Workshop
Stamford Downtown
Mill Gallery with Guilford Art League

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