Roleen Sheehan

Portfolio Categories: Festival Artists.

A Summers End, watercolor; Autumn Bouquet, watercolor; Jack, watercolor

Roleen Sheehan is a Connecticut based artist living in the coastal town of Madison since 1990. She taught Art Education at the elementary level for many years and now spends her time between family, travel and painting, mostly watercolor.

Her long time love of gardening has been the inspiration for many of her floral paintings. In addition, living on the ConnecticutShoreline with its beautiful coastline, beaches, lighthouses and scenery has also inspired her creativity.

Roleen has been both a traveler and student in Paris and its beautiful countryside. Following the historic trails of the earlyFrench Impressionists she has had the privilege of seeing firsthand their amazing work which stirred a love of painting in the hearts of an art enthusiast like herself.