Nancy Scilipote

Portfolio Categories: Essex Summer Festival Artists.

Green Squared Teapot, stoneware; Blue and Beige Batter Bowl, stoneware; Bloomin’ Red Flower Mug, stoneware

Over 25 years ago my children gave me a gift of pottery classes and I have been making pots ever since. I was a studio potter at Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven for much of that time but have since given that up to spend more time in my own studio. I use stoneware and porcelain fired to cone 6 (2200 F) in an electric kiln. I make all my own glazes and like to experiment with different glaze combinations. I love the versatility of clay. My work may be thrown, hand built of a combination of the two. I use texture, slips and glazes to achieve a desired look. I continue to learn and explore by taking workshops; including a Women Working with Clay Symposium at Hollins University. I have also attended workshops with Jennifer McCurdy, Tom Coleman, Hayne Bayless, Jeff Oestreich, Nick Joerling and John Townley. Although I lean toward functional work I try to inject a decorative and playful feeling. I teach a hand building class at Gallery 53 in Meriden. I sell my pots at the Dudley Farm Gardeners Market in Guilford, Gallery 53 in Meriden, and Spectrum Art Gallery in Centerbrook.

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