Nancy Scilipote

Portfolio Categories: Festival Artists.

Acorn Teapot, stoneware, 5 x 8; Blue and Green Garlic Keeper, stoneware, 4.5 x 4.5; Three Cornered Bowl, stoneware, 4.5 x 7

Over 25 years ago Nancy’s children gave her a gift of pottery classes and she has been making pots ever since. She was a studio potter at Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven for much of that time but has since given that up to spend more time in her own studio. She uses stoneware and porcelain fired to cone 6 (2200 F) in an electric kiln. She makes all her own glazes and likes to experiment with different glaze combinations. She loves the versatility of clay. Her work may be thrown, hand built of a combination of the two. She used texture, slips and glazes to achieve a desired look. she continues to learn and explore by taking workshops; including a Women Working with Clay Symposium at Hollins University. she has also attended workshops with Jennifer McCurdy, Tom Coleman, Hayne Bayless, Jeff Oestreich, Nick Joerling and John Townley. Although is he leans toward functional work she tries to inject a decorative and playful feeling. She teaches a hand building class at Gallery 53 in Meriden. She sells her pots at the Spectrum Art Gallery in Centerbrook.

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