Molly Waite Lund

Portfolio Categories: Festival Artists.

Cohabitation, analog collage on bristol board, 17h x 14n w; Dreaming Like Dali, analog collage on bristol board, 12h x 9w; Making Ends Meet, analog collage on Bristol board, 14h x 11w

Molly Waite Lund is an analog collage artist who lives in Essex, Connecticut.  As a self-taught artist, Lund is continuously experimenting with color, shape, relationships, and negative space.  She is compelled to repurpose vintage papers as a reminder of the history that has shaped her life. In her collages, the world that Lund imagines is a place where the familiar becomes unfamiliar, and the impossible becomes ordinary.

Lund is active in the online collage community, frequently joining challenges to create collages around themes or prompts.  These interactions have resulted in Lund’s work being selected for publication in books, magazines, and on a deck of cards; for inclusion in national and international public displays of collage works; and exhibition at local art galleries in Connecticut and New York. Lund’s work was also displayed in a solo show at South of Main Art Collective during June, July, and August 2022. Her work is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.


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