Megan McNivens

Portfolio Categories: Decorative.

Dragonfly Ripples Vase, stoneware clay, glaze, underglaze, and silkscreened design

Megan McNivens is a ceramic artist hailing from Old Saybrook, CT. She received her Bachelors in Studio Art from Central Connecticut State University, under the direction of Vicente Garcia. Upon her graduation in 2022, she started her business Knollwood Pottery and committed to working as a full-time ceramic artist.

Megan creates a wide variety of forms with both functional and decorative elements. She draws inspiration for her forms and designs from the textures, colors, and patterns of her shoreline upbringing. She is passionate about growing as a ceramic artist by learning and experimenting with different techniques to create complex and compelling pieces. Some of the techniques she employs in her studio practice range from carving and sgraffito to the use of silkscreen printing and the application of vibrant glazes.

Megan is excited to have the opportunity of working in the studio every day and to have the pieces she creates bring joy and comfort to those who invite them into their homes. Megan’s ceramics are currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.

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