Maryann Flick

Portfolio Categories: Photography.

Sunflower Field, fine art photograph, 15in h x 19in w

Maryann has lived in Old Saybrook, CT since 1991. She is a Chicago native and former research scientist with a PhD in Molecular Biophysics from Florida State University. Since leaving the world of research, she has had time to pursue two favorite passions: photography and stained glass. She learned to work in stained glass from a master artisan in New Jersey more than 25 years ago.

“Although stained glass and photography seem like unrelated arts, they both depend on light. Photography is all about capturing the light on your subject. The beauty of a stained glass design relies on the interaction of light with the colorful glass. When designing my glass pieces I try to predict how the various types of glass available will work together with light to accomplish my vision for the piece. I never really know how well the combinations work until the piece is completed and placed against the light. It’s always a revelation to view the finished design. Glass is a magical medium to work with and lends itself to so many beautiful and practical finished products. I am proud to carry on a craft that dates to medieval times.”

Maryann’s stained glass is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.

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