Marjorie Sopkin

Portfolio Categories: Paintings.

The Clearing, pastel on archival board, 32in h x 40in w

Marjorie studied at the Hartford Art School for two years before transferring to Tyler School of Art where she spent her junior year in Rome before earning her BFA from Tyler in Philadelphia. After college she moved to Guilford, CT and had a successful 30-year career in graphic design. She worked for several well-known firms during the 1980’s and 1990’s and then opened her own award-winning company, Sopkin Design in 1993. After her two daughters finished college, Marjorie returned to be a full-time painter.

Marjorie’s work used to focus on the chaos of current events and how our collective energy and attention were being diverted from real issues. But now she aims to seek out a calmer approach and resists the ongoing turmoil. Imaginary landscapes have been an ongoing theme and color, texture and spatial relationships are her key interests. Her work has been shown in New York, London, New Mexico, Oregon, California and is presently exhibited at Spectrum Art Gallery in Centerbrook, CT.

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