Louie Pisterzi

Portfolio Categories: Paintings.

Tree of Life, oil on canvas, 30 x 30

Born in Amaseno, Italy on April 7, 1955, Louie Pisterzi began his artistic exploration at Vanier College, where he immersed himself in a multifaceted curriculum encompassing architecture, painting, drawing, and photography. This diverse educational background nurtured Pisterzi’s creative instincts and provided him with a solid framework to express his artistic vision. Louie’s artistic journey is a commitment to exploration, expressing the ineffable through strokes on canvas. Beyond technical virtuosity, Louie’s art mirrors human experiences, portraying emotions, human’s beauty, and layers of the human psyche.

Galeria Dante in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, has served as a consistent platform for Pisterzi’s work since 2023. His participation in the “Art from the Unknown” exhibition in Edmonton, AB, Canada in 2018 marked a significant milestone. This exhibition provided a platform for emerging artists to present their work to a broader audience, and Louie’s contributions demonstrated his ability to captivate viewers with his distinctive style. Pisterzi ‘s art is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, CT and has found a home in private collections around the world.

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