Larry Reitz

Portfolio Categories: Ornaments.

Euro (Mont Blanc) Pen, wood and acrylic resin

Over the past decade since starting pen turning Larry has progressed to the point of offering exceptionally high quality writing instruments for sale. To him it is an enjoyable and intriguing process which starts with selecting the piece of wood or resin to use. With wood, burls or highly figured grains are the preferred raw materials and with resins a pleasing color combination and pattern is the goal. The vast majority of all resin blanks used are made by Larry. Whether wood or resin, or a combination of both (hybrid) all are carefully turned on the lathe giving careful attention to the fit and finish. The turned parts are then paired with the pen hardware to arrive at a one of a kind pen the owner would be proud to use and show to interested observers.
Larry’s Pens are currently exhibited at Specrtum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.

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