Kim Coughlin

Portfolio Categories: Paintings.

Pink Sky, oil n canvas, 20in h x 16in w

Kim Coughlin Tellez obtained a BA in Fine Arts and Latin American Studies at Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, in 1985. There she studied painting with Paul Georges and David Campbell and printmaking with Susan Lichtman. Kim used art constantly during her years as a bilingual elementary teacher in Los Angeles, where she lived for 34 years. Coughlin Tellez painted intermittently while raising a family but then started working consistently in acrylics in 2016-17. She began experimenting with abstract and contemporary art, playing with expressionism and lots of color.

Coughlin Tellez’s work has been shown in both Gallery 800 and Carter Sexton Artist’s Materials Gallery, North Hollywood, CA; Gallery N Gifts, Tehatchapi, CA; Pieces Home Décor, Old Saybrook, CT; it is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery, Centerbrook, CT and it will soon be shown in Brittany Davis Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

Kim also has a MA in Marriage and Family Therapy and is currently working in the Home Care field.

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