Janice Wood

Portfolio Categories: Festival Artists.

Coffee House Pure Soy Candle; Dough Bowl, soy wax, rose petals with natural rustic rose oil; The Cotton Trio, pure soy candles

NaturallyintheWoods was started in October of 2012 right out of my home in Wallingford, Ct. My love for candles and scents was a natural pairing – I was so nervous – not knowing if I would have the time to pursue my dream. With my husband, Steve and two children Jen and Kyle behind me I firmly planted my feet and dove in full force.

 I can’t believe it’s has been almost 6 years since I started – I’ve traveled around CT. doing craft shows and fairs meeting wonderful people along the way. All of my candles are made with pure soy wax and natural oils. I’m now in 6 artisan stores – Rings and Things in Colchester, Tesoro’s in Middletown, Stacey T’s Treasures in Wallingford, Finders Keepers in Glastonbury, Pondering Creations in Terryville, and showcased at Spectrum Art Gallery.  Without my customers encouraging me – none of this would have been possible.  I’m still working full time planning shows every year and busy keeping the stores stocked. It’s been a fun journey! I have learned to always stay true to myself, be creative and listen to everyone along the way.  I look forward to seeing you in my travels – Janice Wood owner of NaturallyintheWoods.

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