Jan Vanderburg

Portfolio Categories: Printmaking.

La Luz, linocut, 20in h x 16in w

Jan Vanderburg studied Printmaking at the University of Iowa and continued her art studies by teaching and drawing while also pursuing graduate work in architecture at the University of New Mexico.  Much of her education and many of her influences came through living overseas as a Peace Corps volunteer, later returning to West Africa to teach in an International School and then traveling throughout Africa, Europe, and Mexico – drawing always being a constant companion. For many years Jan was a fiber artist but returned to printmaking some 20 years ago when she learned solar-plate etching and then switched her emphasis to experimenting with reduction linocuts with all of the color possibilities that technique offers.  Before she moved to Ct. in 2021, Jan was very involved in “doing shows” in the West, primarily New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Portland, Oregon.  In the same period, she was also pleased to be juried into 2 International shows at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk, Ct.  Jan’s work was shown in several galleries in NM with a 2-person show at the Weyrich Gallery and Watermelon Gallery, a 1-person show at Remarque Print Gallery in Albuquerque and as Guest Artist at the Bosque Gallery in Corrales, NM.   She exhibited in a number of shows at the Albuquerque Museum of Art, and her work is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Ct.  Over the years, Jan has received 5 “Best Printmaker” awards in addition to a Merit Award in “Off the Press” at the Old Lyme Art Association in 2023.

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