Gwendolyn Grant

Portfolio Categories: Decorative.

Rainbow Himelli Suncatcher, genuine quartz and glass crystals with brass, 19 x 5 inches

Gwendolyn Grant of Ivoryton, Ct has been practicing arts and creative endevours for most of her life. Her love for the arts led to her become a stylist in California, while practicing drawing, painting, and crafting as a hobby. She was trained to be a stylist at Marinello Schools of Beauty, and worked with various beauty, music, film, and clothing companies on creative projects for the last ten years.   Her new collection of home decor is inspired by traditional Nordic Himmeli design, and the energetic beauty of crystals. She’s also creating soft hand-woven dream catchers of yarn, linen, ribbon, and crystal accents. Each piece has been designed to bring a display of light, rainbows, and shadows into any room. Gwen finds inspiration in nature, traditional and modern styles, and loves working with a variety of mediums. Her work is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.

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