Glenn Paskiewicz

Portfolio Categories: Wood.

Husband & Wife Spoon Set, wood burning on black birch wood Wife: 7in h x 1.5in w, Husband: 9in h x 2in w

“No power tools!”
That’s what Glenn Paskiewicz said to himself as he started his journey. Paskiewicz truly enjoys making things with his hands. Carving spoons is a great way for him to express this because he makes things for people to use. With this in mind, Glenn has stopped using sandpaper to finish his spoons. It gives the spoons a rougher and sturdier feel and people aren’t afraid to use them anymore.

Paskiewicz has always tried to keep his impact on the woods as small as possible. To do this, he uses storm damaged trees or those that are being cleared off people’s land. Glenn feels that there is enough spare wood in nature that he doesn’t have to needlessly cut down trees to sustain what he does. Paskiewicz’s work is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.

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