Emily VanDerMaelen

Portfolio Categories: Jewelry.

Pink Lady Earrings

Emily VanDerMaelen’s imagination has been greatly influenced by her colorful upbringing. She grew up on a small farm, wearing ladybug printed sneakers and a little red coat. She felt beauty, wonder and magic all around her, as she was surrounded by the ever-changing wildlife. She has studied jewelry at the Guilford Art Center with Linda Edwards, as well as privately studied with Rebecca Bunting, a local goldsmith. She is now attending PAIER College of Art, for a degree in Illustration. Her style is sophisticated yet playful and whimsy. Each piece is handcrafted by her in her backyard studio. Her favorite materials are sterling silver, brass, copper, semi-precious gemstones, glass Czech beads, vintage lucite, ceramic beads, and other interesting treasures. VanDerMaelen’s jewelry is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.

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