Diana Eastwood

Portfolio Categories: Paper.

Moon and Stars Book Art

Diana has always loved handmade items. As a child, she was influenced by many of her aunts who spent hours knitting, crocheting, sewing, and trying newly discovered arts and crafts. She was the recipient of many handmade items, which she treasured. Over the years Diana tried her hand at a variety of crafts which were usually given as gifts to family and friends.

Now retired after more than 30 years working in municipal government, Diana enjoys creating types of paper art: Folded Book Art-an age-old method of using different techniques to fold book pages to create artworks for decorations; Quilling-the ancient art of rolling, shaping, and gluing thin strips of paper together to create decorative designs; and Origami-the Japanese art of folding squares of paper into representational shapes.

Her work has been sold at various craft fairs, the You’ve Got It Made shop in Somers, CT; and juried exhibits at the Vernon Arts Center in Vernon, CT.Diana’s work is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Center brook, Connecticut.

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