Deborah Churchill

Portfolio Categories: Decorative.

Purple Teal Meditation Stone

Prior to retirement, Deborah Churchill was the owner and founder of Churchill Consulting, Inc., a highly respected healthcare company that provided specialized services for radiation oncology practices internationally. Previous to that, Deborah worked for 18 years as a board-certified radiation therapist at Yale and 4 years as a supervisor at Waterbury Hospital Cancer Center.

Deborah’s attention to exacting detail is demonstrated in her exquisite Mandala artwork which she creates using the dotism technique. Dotism is a style of painting that uses small, distinct dots of color in patterns to form an image. Mandala is a Sanskrit word dating back to ancient times that means “Circle,” and sometimes a magic circle.  Her style often uses geometric patterns such as Fibonacci sequence style or sacred geometry patterns, inspired by her love for mathematical patters found in nature that demonstrate an intricate simplicity. Her mediums thus far include acrylic painting on canvases, plates and rocks. Her Mandala home décor artwork and masks are currently exhibited at Spectrum gallery in Centerbrook, CT.


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