Carol Szymanski

Portfolio Categories: Wood.

Gold Tipped Ebony Wood Ink Pen, wood turned pens, ebony wood with silver plated embellishments, black ink, with velvet pouch

Carol Szymanski is an avid woodworker and a woodturner with decades of experience experimenting with wood, her preferred craft medium. An introductory bowl turning class at Norwalk woodcraft hooked her and she immediately bought her first of two wood lathes. A multi month woodturning class at Brookfield craft center taught her what the lathe can do as well as various wood finishing treatments such as the Japanese art of shou sugi ban which burns wood to preserve it, enhancing the unique lines of the wood. She has taken private lessons in woodturning as well to continue to perfect her craft.

Carol Szymanski has shown at Wesleyan Potters holiday show in Middletown, Connecticut and has made hand turned pens as gifts for family and friends as well as provided lessons in turning for family and friends.

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