Annamaria Moran

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Patina Carved Heart Bowl

Annamaria Moran still remembers her first piece of art, a painting, of an autumn landscape in tempera paint and construction paper. No- she did not follow instruction, nor did she stay within the set lines. That piece of art ended up on display in her second-grade classroom for what seemed like an eternity.

Throughout the years, Annamarie played, experimenting in different mediums. She loved pulling ideas and inspiration from nature and its everchanging shapes. Moran was fortunate to have had a lengthy career in cosmetology where she was able to combine art, science, technical, and people skills to use people as her canvas.

Annamarie has always been fascinated with clay since she can remember whether it was watching someone throw on the wheel or sculpting by hand. In 2013, she signed up for a class at Wesleyan Potters in Middletown, CT. She instantly fell in love with this wonderful medium. Moran finally became a key member in 2021. Annamarie continues to try new and different techniques. Collaborating with so many talented artists inspire her and helps her figure out the “whys.”

Moran most recently started hand carving, sgraffito. She is attracted to the shape and form of a piece, but she also loves the aesthetic, decorative part of it. Form, function and beauty, and its symbiotic relationship has become her goal. Annamaria’s pottery is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, CT

Spectrum Art Gallery and Artisan Store

The Gallery is an expansion of the non-profit Arts Center Killingworth

Reproduction of any images on the Spectrum Gallery website is strictly prohibited.

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