Future Exhibitions & Festivals

Please note: The Gallery Store is always looking to form relationships with new artisans whether or not they have work corresponding to show themes.

How to Submit

2022 Schedule


Concealment—–6 week exhibit

The gallery is looking for images in all mediums that highlight themes of concealment.  We all hide things from ourselves and others both emotionally and physically. Nature calls it camouflage.  People call it secrets or even privacy.  Physically we can use screens, shelters, walls, bunkers, veils and masks, etc.  for seclusion and/or protection.  Hiding something can be hostile, mischievous , seductive or joyous!  So share some secret ideas for your submissions and let’s see what happens.

Receives:  Jan. 16-20th

Installation:  Jan. 22nd and 23rd

Opens:  Jan. 28th

Closes:  March 13th

People and Animals in the Landscape…….6 week exhibit

Many well known landscape artists have enhanced and given depth to their landscapes by including human figures and animals.  The gallery is looking for pieces in all mediums with these additional elements

Receives: March 13-17th

Installation:  March 19 and 20th

Opens:  March 25th

Closes: May 8th

Wind, Breezes and Clouds—–7 week exhibit

Gallery is looking for images that feature one or more of these weather elements and how their behavior can affect the environment, people or the physical world.

Receives:  May 8-12th

Installation:  May 14th and 15th

Opens:  May 20th

Closes: July 10th

Fun and Pleasure—-7 week exhibit

It’s the height of the Summer. Let’s celebrate it with images in all mediums of how we enjoy ourselves during this beautiful season. Pieces can illustrate activities that are fun and pleasurable or can depict objects or foods that we all can enjoy during this Summer season.

Receives:  July 10-14th

Installation:  July 16th and 17th

Opens:  July 22nd

Closes: Sept. 11th

The Changing Seasons Fall Exhibit—6 week exhibit

Summer is over but the stunning beauty of the fall season is upon us. So submit your most colorful and stunning images of the season in all mediums and help turn the gallery into a fall showcase!

Receives:  Sept. 11-15th

Installation:  Sept. 17th and 18th

Opens:  Sept. 23rd

Closes: Nov. 6th

Holiday Show—TBA—-8 week exhibit

Receives:  Nov. 6-11th

Installation:  Nov,. 12th and 13th

Opens:  Nov. 18th

Closes:  Jan. 15th